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LED Lighting

DIY: How to Install Led recessed lights in Your Bathroom

You may want to hire an electrician to come in and install your LED inbowspot lighting bathroom lor you can do it yourself. If you have a basic understanding of the electrical system within your home then you can take on the job instead of paying someone to do it. It just takes a medium level difficulty job to have this done.

Before installing the lights

Before you get started with anything, ensure that you turn your bathroom circuit breaker off to prevent electrical shock. You will then find the centermost part of the ceiling and mark it because this is where you will install the lights. You will then need to clear the area and cover the bathtub with a large canvas to catch the debris that will be falling during the process.

Cut out the space in the ceiling where you will be installing the light. Then cut a space nearby on the wall to put the switch for the light. Ensure that the slot fits the design of the light. Take the electrical cables that you will be using to install the lights and attach it from the power source to the hole that you created for the switch. Use a tape to fasten the end of the cable. Then take another cable and run it from the switch to the lighting slot.

To install the lights in the roof

You will need to go into the ceiling above your bathroom to the space for the fixture. Secure the light into the slot and screw the light’s bracket arm to the ceiling. Take the cover for the junction box off and connect the cables to it. Ensure that you secure the cables into the connector by tightening the screws. Remove some of the insulation on the wire ends that are connected to the junction box. Wrap the white wires together and use a wire connector to secure them. Do the same with the black wires. Put the wires into the junction box and secure it tightly. Put the junction box cover back on.

To fix the switch for use

To get the switch up and running for the favorit light you will have to get it connected to the electricity. Hang about five inches of wire from the hole that was created for the switch. Then put the switch into the hole and tighten the screws. Cut away some of the insulation from the end of the wires. Twist the white wires together and then secure them with a wire connector. Use the black wires to attach to the respective terminals that are located at the corners of the switch and tighten them. Ensure that the switch is fully secured into the hole and then cover it.

To install the bulb and power up the lights

To get the system up and running you will need to make the finishing touches. Put a bulb into the installed recessed fixture and cover it with a water proof case. Install a cable to a knockout within the junction box of the power source, pull the cable to the box and secure it with screws. Cut some of the insulation from the end of the wires. Connect the white wires from the different ends and then secure with a wire connector. Repeat the process for the black wires and cover the junction box. When this is all done, you can turn the power back on to test if you were able to install the LED recessed bathroom fixture successfully.

Once you can handle some electrical work then you can do your own bathroom light installation. It will require some climbing and measuring from you to get the light into the ceiling and to connect the wires properly. However this is as difficult as it gets. Once you are able to handle this then you can go here to hire a professional to install your LED recessed bathroom fixture.

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